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At BridgeU, we're incredibly proud of the work we do with schools to help them transform their approach to university and careers guidance. Here, you'll find insight into what our partners say about us.

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We just submitted our first medic application and all of the research was done on BridgeU. The students have been really excited about everything, especially the strategy advisor. We just find it so beneficial to be able to track everything easily and we're excited about the careers tool and ManageBac integration.
Colin Bradshaw, Southlands English School Rome, Italy
I love BridgeU, I really do. You should see the list of universities these students are applying and getting into. I credit that in large part to the research they are doing, and that starts with BridgeU.
Robert Gondos, Head of Guidance, Beijing International Bilingual Academy, China
We chose BridgeU for our students because it covers more destinations. It really does it all and was built specifically for international students.
Daun Yorke, Head of Secondary, Xi'an Hi-Tech International School, China

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    CATS LONDON Berlin Brandenburg International School International School of Brno
Before signing up to use BridgeU, CATS London, part of an international school group with schools in the UK and the US, was using an internal process to manage the university and careers guidance programme for its 250+ co-ed students. They took on BridgeU as a platform that could add to, and possibly take the place of, the function of UCAS for its sixth-formers. Graham Morgan-Smith says the University Matches function is BridgeU's most useful tool, along with the capacity to provide guidance and monitoring for references and personal statements.
Since CATS began to use BridgeU, the customer support team has provided help face-to-face and online. The platform was introduced to all students, and the team has provided additional support for technical issues, as well as offline guidance on how to get the most out of BridgeU. Results have improved since CATS implemented BridgeU, and the process of managing university applications has become easier. CATS has enjoyed “easier monitoring and support / advice” with the help of BridgeU.
BridgeU has helped our students get more offers by making them choose better fit universities.
GRAHAM MORGAN-SMITH, Higher Education Academic Counsellor, CATS LONDON
At Berlin Brandenburg International School, which is the only school in Berlin to offer all IB programmes to its students, they were using a computer-based internal process for university and careers guidance before they adopted BridgeU. Increasingly, they had students applying to lots of different systems, and took on BridgeU to help cope with this burden. Leslie Kamphausen and her team found it easy to begin using BridgeU.
University matches are at the top of Kamphausen’s list of the most useful features offered by BridgeU, followed by the shortlisting tool and the writing builder, which helps students and advisors collaborate on essays and personal statements for student applications. Since they began using BridgeU, BBIS has seen results improve.
BridgeU keeps everything in one place, which has made the process of managing university applications easier.
Leslie Kamphausen, Careers and College Counsellor, Berlin Brandenburg International School
“Our school is small, but beginning to grow and slowly add older years and grades,” says Chelsea McGill, Careers & Guidance Counselor at the International School of Brno, in the Czech Republic. IS Brno had been using a computer-based internal process before switching to BridgeU. “We realized we needed something to help guide students towards their future university choices” - and BridgeU was their choice to fulfil this need. Getting started on BridgeU was “quite easy” thanks to the platform’s commitment to supporting schools through in-person visits and online support.
“The support team always answer my questions in a timely manner and are very helpful,” McGill says. “When I first started using the programme, I had a lot of questions, and it was nice to be able to send a quick email and get a quick reply.” Since IS Brno has begun using BridgeU, McGill has found out that the University Matcher is one of the platform’s most popular tools. “It get students brainstorming, and it’s a great way to push them to conduct research independently,” she says.
BridgeU helps get international students an idea of all the possible universities around the world. Students have so many options and it’s hard to know where to even begin. BridgeU helps manage this and allows students to focus their research.
Chelsea McGill, Careers & Guidance Counsellor, International School of Brno
I was in a new country, dealing with universities and university applications in countries all over the world. Bridge U was an absolute lifeline for me and my students.
Rozanne Trudgon, Independent IB DP and CRP Consultant
We love the program! L-O-V-E LOVE.
Bryan Pratt, IB Co-ordinator, Odyssey Preparatory Academy, USA
It has been great to use BridgeU, very friendly and easy to log on and manage students’ data, with a very clear interface. The students’ friendly interface is one of the main advantages, and students have no difficulty learning to use it in one minute.
PERCY Jiang, Director of College Counselling, KEYSTONE ACADEMY, China


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