Empower students to recognise & build on their extracurricular activities

BridgeU helps students understand how their experiences and achievements can strengthen their application essays & interviews.

Help students reflect on their extracurricular achievements

Students can record and reflect on their extracurricular activities & personal achievements, helping them further understand the experiences that have shaped them. 

Students are encouraged to align these experiences with a series of ‘strategy factors’, to help them showcase the soft skills that universities value. 

These include leadership, teamwork, a global perspective, formative interest in a subject and evidence of critical thinking.

Align extracurricular activities with universities’ admissions criteria

BridgeU gives your students recommendations on how their experiences and achievements align with the entrance criteria of universities worldwide. 

So whether it’s demonstrating subject interest for a UCAS Personal Statement or showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit for a Common App essay, BridgeU gives your students the confidence of knowing their applications will stand out from the crowd. 

Enable students to plan a proper application strategy

It’s never been more important for students to take a strategic view of the university admissions process, especially when applying internationally.

BridgeU helps students to identify areas of improvement for their CV, offering advice on the most suitable extracurricular activities to help them stand out in the university application process. 

Students can then use their dedicated strategy report to understand which aspects of their CV and background are relevant to various application essays. 


Strategy factors to help students showcase their extracurricular activities


Suggestions to help students improve their application strategy


Personalised strategy report to inform students’ university applications

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