Case Study 17th October 2023

Saint Louis University

At a glance

Choosing BridgeU

Founded in 1818, Saint Louis University is a private institution located in St. Louis, Missouri — it is the oldest university west of the Mississippi River and the second oldest Jesuit university in the US.

Previously, SLU had a robust international recruitment strategy that was very successful. However, due to the pandemic, their enrolment numbers decreased significantly over the past 5-10 years.

Partnering to increase international student enrolments

Following this recent decline, SLU thought BridgeU would be a good fit to increase the number of international student enrolments as well as the diversity of their undergraduate cohort.

BridgeU’s Enrolment Services team worked with Saint Louis University to create a series of content marketing campaigns in an effort to build general awareness and highlight the USPs of the university.

“We have enjoyed our partnership with BridgeU. They have helped us to reach students earlier in the funnel in meaningful and creative ways.”

Heather Brock
Director of Communication – Saint Louis University

Creating bespoke marketing campaigns 

The BridgeU platform provides real-time insight into the barriers students face when researching a university. Thanks to this comprehensive market intelligence, we were able to answer key questions our students had about Saint Louis, and unblock these barriers in real time through bespoke content campaigns. 

Our campaigns featured a variety of resources, including video spotlights and blog posts about Saint Louis University.

Examples of these campaigns included;

Our campaigns achieved significant engagement reaching students in 121 countries and resulting in applications from students in 18 different countries. 

As a result, SLU’s conversion rate from shortlisting to application was 37% for the 2023 cohort. 

Creating more accessible opportunities for global talent

We worked with Saint Louis University to create an automatic scholarship for BridgeU applicants who were admitted to the university.

Through SLU’s International Gateway Leadership and Service Award, BridgeU students could receive up to $2,500 a semester to put toward their undergraduate education. 

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