Case Study 13th November 2023

Strawberry Fields High School

At a glance…

Using BridgeU’s Assessments for every stage of university applications

When Deepali began her search for a platform to implement at Strawberry Fields High School, she was drawn to BridgeU because of their assessments and lesson plans. BridgeU was able to provide her with access to psychometric tests and the lessons she needed to get her students more engaged during their class time.

BridgeU’s Assessments, such as the learning style, personality tests, and premade lesson plans, have given Deepali the freedom to create a bespoke curriculum for her students.

Deepali proactively uses BridgeU by incorporating the lessons into her students’ timetable at the beginning of each year, starting with her Grade 8 students. In addition, as soon as a new student joins the school, their email is added, so they have immediate access to BridgeU.

Using Assessments for Grade 10

Deepali knows that Grade 10 is a crucial year for her students since this is when they’ll be sitting for their board exams. So, this year, she has them retaking the personality test and also completing the learning style and multiple intelligences (MI) assessments.

Her Grade 10 students have found that completing the learning style assessment before their midterms helps them understand how they learn best. Plus, the results provide them with strategies they can use when they study for their upcoming exams.

Then in November, students redo their personality tests and move on to the MI assessment to help them understand which subjects they should choose for Grade 11.

“The students’ psychometric reports are extremely self-explanatory, so even if you’re not from a psychology background, they’re easy to understand and use in university research.”

Deepali Aggarwal
Head of the Counselling Department, Strawberry Fields High School

Meeting with parents

After the students have completed their assessments, Deepali takes the opportunity to begin her one-on-one meetings with parents to discuss the results. This helps the counsellors and parents understand how to best help the students for the upcoming school year.

The teachers and counsellors have found that the reports BridgeU creates for students based on the psychometric assessments are extremely helpful for parent meetings.

Deepali also discusses how these meetings have been beneficial for keeping parents informed about what their child is doing in school. She highlights that the assessment results help provide students and parents with better clarity on what they should study at university.

Helping Grade 12 students make important decisions

She also uses some of the assessments for her Grade 12 students.

Although Deepali says that ninety percent of her students know what they want to study by Grade 12, there’s sometimes the odd student who hasn’t decided. 

For those students, the lesson plans and assessments help nudge them in the right direction and help them realise their full academic potential.

“What we’ve really loved about using BridgeU are their Lesson Plans. It’s very easy to cater them to our school’s thought process, and they can be used as early as Grade 8.”

Deepali Aggarwal
Head of the Counselling Department, Strawberry Fields High School

Simplifying the application process with BridgeU

According to Deepali, BridgeU’s Document Sending has made the counsellors’ jobs a lot easier over the last few years. Now counsellors and teachers can save time by uploading and sending the required documents with BridgeU.

She’s also used BridgeU to enforce firm rules around how students can request letters of recommendation, references, and more if they require them from the staff. 

She recently had a session with her Grade 12 students to ensure all requests are being sent through BridgeU. This helps her organise and keep track of students’ requests and the universities they have applied to.

BridgeU allows students to learn more about their options

Another great effect of using BridgeU is that Deepali has found that her students have been using the research features to explore a wider range of universities.

Using the Strategy Advisor for younger students

BridgeU’s Strategy Advisor has been especially helpful with Deepali’s younger students. It’s beneficial for teaching them which areas and qualities they need to improve upon whilst also pointing out their strengths. 

Plus, she mentioned it works great at showing her students what they’ll need to accomplish during their schooling to get into a good university. 

For example, when applying to an American university where extracurricular activities are important in the application process, students can explore and plan different activities to participate in.

Reach, Match and Safety

Deepali’s students enjoy using the Reach, Match and Safety tools in the Intelligent Matching feature. 

As a result, she’s noticed that her students have a better understanding of where they stand when it comes to how successful their applications will be. For example, this feature helps give her students a realistic picture of their university choices and shows them other institutions to consider. 

Choosing and applying to a university can be a complex process for students and counsellors alike, but using BridgeU has made Deepali’s job much easier.

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