Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from international schools

BridgeU is a technology platform specifically designed to be used by international schools. BridgeU enables students  to explore international universities and empower them to make more informed decisions.

As well as giving students the opportunity to explore nearly 26,000 universities and courses worldwide, our Customer Success team and team of expert writers have created exclusive content and classroom resources to help your students make the most informed and objective decisions about their future.

BridgeU also enables counsellors and teachers to create a holistic, end-to-end guidance curriculum that successfully steers students from initial career exploration to final university application.


International schools don’t just use BridgeU for university application purposes. Our platform is designed to give your school everything you need to manage careers and university guidance from one place.

As well as matching students with their best-fit universities, BridgeU’s Careers tool helps students to explore how their strengths and skills align with the jobs of the future.

Our Strategy Advisor helps students to recognise and build on their extracurricular activities, while our Writing Builder enables students to plan and prepare application essays for universities in popular destination countries like the US and UK.

BridgeU is an analytics and reporting tool too. It gives you everything you need to track your student’s application progress, ensure key deadlines are met and showcase your school’s results at the end of every application cycle.


Yes of course!  When you start with BridgeU, we will give you the ability to assign user accounts and user privileges to other teachers and staff members, ensuring you can use BridgeU to  coordinate university and careers guidance across your whole school.

The most popular time to begin using BridgeU is from the age of 14. In younger years, students can use BridgeU to understand their personal strengths and help them decide which subjects will help them embark on their preferred career path. In their final two years of school, students can use BridgeU to start researching university destinations and preparing their applications.

It’s a good question. BridgeU isn’t right for every school. We would say that BridgeU is good for schools with students that are interested in applying to university overseas.

Parents can be given access to BridgeU and this enables them to explore university options with your students. However, we will only provide access for parents at your school if requested to do so by you or your staff.

BridgeU isn’t just an applications platform. We offer a wealth of classroom resources and exclusive content that enables you to integrate BridgeU into your wider university and career guidance curriculum.

In addition, our presence in 140+ countries means we represent the largest single community of international schools in the world. Our new community platform allows counsellors to network, offer peer-to-peer support and share resources to more effectively support students through the university application process.

We also partner with universities, enabling counsellors to directly connect with relevant institutions that their students are interested in.


BridgeU currently supports students taking a number of curricula, including:

    • The International Baccalaureate (IB)

    • 4-point GPA

    • UK system (A Levels/AS/BTECs/Pre-Us)

    • Indian School Certificate

    • Central Board of Secondary Education

Absolutely. We want to help your students explore every opportunity available to them, no matter where it might be. Students can use BridgeU to explore over 26,000 higher education institutions worldwide.

We also offer extra matching features for the following 12 destinations:

    • The United States

    • The United Kingdom

    • Australia

    • Canada

    • Germany

    • India

    • Japan

    • Netherlands

    • Singapore

    • South Korea

    • Spain

    • Hong Kong


FAQs from university partners

BridgeU’s university and careers guidance platform is used by a diverse range of international schools worldwide. The majority of our schools offer the International Baccalaureate (IB), but we also work with schools offering UK & US curricula too.

When they create their BridgeU profile, our international  students are recommended universities based on a range of personal & academic factors, including their school grades and their preferred destination countries. All of our university partners have an Enhanced Profile within the BridgeU platform, which allows prospective applicants to do more extensive research about your institution.


We have a range of tiered service packages to align with both your institution’s budgetary requirements and your overall strategic recruitment and enrolment priorities. If you’d like to learn more about how we work with universities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our Universities Partnerships team.

BridgeU’s guidance platform is used by international schools across 140+ countries. Students use BridgeU to explore university and courses personalised to their academic and personal profile.

Counsellors use our platform to manage their school’s university and career guidance curriculum and simplify the process of ensuring students’ applications are submitted to universities worldwide.

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