Case Study 31st August 2023

Chengelo School

At a glance

“BridgeU’s university research, lesson plans and personality assessments have really been helpful in creating my guidance programme.”

Brian Mbulo, Careers Coordinator, Chengelo School

Centralising student applications with BridgeU

Brian started in his current role as a Careers Coordinator in 2021, which he balances alongside teaching computer science and mathematics full-time. To help balance his roles and also streamline the university application process for their students, Chengelo School adopted BridgeU in February 2022.

As Brian also works as a full-time teacher, he was interested, not only in facilitating his students’ applications, but also in having a way for them to easily research universities and guide themselves independently through the process.

After onboarding his students to BridgeU, Brian was able to attend training sessions with BridgeU’s Customer Success team. At these sessions, he learned how to seamlessly integrate BridgeU into his schools system and assist his students with setting up their profiles. 

This has allowed him to give his students the tools they need to be successful from the very beginning of their university application journey.

Brian additionally discussed how BridgeU has allowed him to gain back some valuable free time while simultaneously empowering his students to take ownership of their own higher education journey.

Creating bespoke workshops for his students using BridgeU

Brian’s most popular workshops have been his university research and personal statement workshops.

For the research workshop, he has his students use BridgeU’s Reach, Match, and Safety tool to explore different international universities and expand their shortlists. The Reach, Match, and Safety tool allows students to view realistic university options and helps manage student expectations by showing them their chance of acceptance.

He also claims that these workshops help the students be more proactive when it comes to completing their university research. His students enjoy having time dedicated to getting assistance with their assignments. 

Since Brian works one-on-one with his students in his workshops and helps them prepare their applications, he also knows which teachers they’ll be going to for references and letters of recommendation. This allows him to prepare teachers for any requests that will be coming their way through BridgeU and keep them up-to-date on any upcoming deadlines.

“There is more diversity in their university applications now as students can find options they’ve never seen before on BridgeU.”

Brian Mbulo, Careers Coordinator, Chengelo School

Exploring a broader range of universities

Since BridgeU has provided Brian’s students with a streamlined way to research international universities, he’s noticed a big difference in where they are applying.

After completing their BridgeU Profiles and KTS Assessments, his students are able to research best-fit universities, both in workshops and independently.

Brian noted that the Match and Explore features have been especially helpful in providing his students with a good understanding of which institutions and destinations are the best fit for them. 

Additionally, he has noticed a difference in the places where students are now applying. Students are more curious about study abroad locations they wouldn’t have considered before, even asking him questions about destinations such as the Netherlands and South Korea.

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