About BridgeU

Learn more about why we were founded, how we’ve grown and the core values that make us who we are…

Our mission

BridgeU was founded from the core belief that talent is equally distributed across the globe, but opportunity is not. 

We take pride in helping international, globally-minded students discover and explore the best pathways available to them – wherever those opportunities may be. 

And we empower global K-12 secondary schools and universities with software solutions designed to help them meet the challenges of a changing world.

We believe that, by universities and international K12 schools working together in genuine partnership, the international students of today can truly become the global citizens of tomorrow.

Our story

BridgeU was founded in 2014 by Lucy Stonehill, an international student who realised her peers weren’t receiving the information and support they needed to apply to universities internationally. 

University and careers guidance, she felt, needed to adapt to an evolving higher education sector and an increasingly competitive jobs market. She wanted to give international school students the tools they needed to make smarter, more informed decisions about their futures. 

Today, BridgeU is the market leading provider of university and careers guidance to international schools in 140+ countries. Our unique platform is used by international schools to help them make smarter, more informed decisions about their higher education and career pathways. 

Our partnership services help universities connect with the largest single community of international schools in the world. Our expertise enables international admissions teams to design truly student-centric recruitment and enrolment strategies. 

Our values

As a company that aims to unlock better education outcomes for students worldwide, we take pride in putting passion, diversity, perseverance and self-improvement at the heart of everything we do. 

Our team and our company are guided by four core values.

Our company has grown and evolved a lot in the last decade and we’re not comfortable standing still. We take responsibility for our own development and we actively seek feedback at every opportunity.

We communicate with empathy and respect, listening to each other’s point of view.  We’re great collaborators and however passionate we are, we will always choose the way forward that is best for our team, our business and our community of students and educators.

We’re passionate about what we do and this is what drives us. We work towards important goals with energy and enthusiasm and we stick to them when things are difficult. We are creative, resilient and adaptable problem solvers, and we rise to challenges as a team.

We know that diverse teams make the best decisions, and so we seek challenges from those who have different perspectives to us. We are brave enough to speak up if we have a different viewpoint, even if it creates a conflict. We challenge each other respectfully and directly, and actively seek out opposing viewpoints. 

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