About BridgeU

BridgeU was founded to help young people around the world realise their potential, through empowering schools to provide smart, modern university and careers guidance to students.

Our story

At BridgeU, we know that the needs of students, schools and universities are constantly evolving.

The fundamental practice of university and careers guidance has neither evolved to reflect modernisation across higher education, nor changed to meet the developing needs of industry. This practice has led to students frequently making higher education decisions in a vacuum, leading to high dropout rates and poor skills alignment with labour market opportunities. What’s more, traditional solutions designed to aid in the university and careers advice process are often paper-based and limited in scope.
These traditional approaches provide little value to teaching staff and senior leaders in the important advisory work they do. We believe that enabling schools to provide smart, modern university and careers guidance is a matter of crucial importance - not just for progressing students to the right post-secondary destinations, but for global social and economic health. BridgeU was founded to help schools prepare the students of today to flourish in the world of tomorrow.

Our people

Lucy Stonehill
Co-Founder & CEO
Stuart Cochran
Maris Liigmann
Shellie Gazdik
Head of Sales Asia-Pacific
George Britton
Head of Sales EMEA
Mollie Luckhurst
Head of Customer Success
Stephen Mayall
Senior Marketing Manager
Gareth Adams
Staff Developer
Rafik Djeridi
Senior Product Manager
David Millican
Lead Data Scientist
Education Partnerships
Customer Success

Our advisers & investors

Rebecca Hunt
Allison Baum

Our values

We work together to empower schools to provide smart, modern university and careers guidance to their students.

  • We are committed to providing an end-to-end approach to university and careers guidance for schools across the world.
  • Depth of understanding and breadth of coverage are at the heart of our platform. Schools get access to baked-in higher education expertise across every element of the guidance process.
  • We want to empower students and schools to explore and take advantage of an increasingly global set of higher education and career choices.
  • We believe that fulfilling our duty of care to BridgeU customers is critical. With the help of our in-house data and development teams, we prioritise data protection and the robustness of the service we deliver across the 50+ countries that we operate in.
  • Product development at BridgeU is inherently collaborative. We build long term partnerships with our schools. We work closely with teachers and senior leaders to incorporate their requests and feedback into the development process, so that we can ensure the customer voice is always represented.

Working at BridgeU

Everything we do comes from a place of determination and daring.

At BridgeU, we want to improve the way young people approach significant life-stage changes. Our platform is intelligent, built from the desire to make the best possible use of cutting-edge technologies. We seek team members who embrace and create change - our work is not just about helping a small group of people, but about creating enduring, real change in the way young people across the globe understand and embrace life’s opportunities.

Our people trust each other and are innately curious: about their work, about the world, about the person sitting next to them. Our team consists of a diverse array of skillsets, backgrounds and experiences. If you think this sounds exactly like you, then we’d love to hear from you.

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