Case Study 12th April 2024

IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS)

At a glance…

Working with stakeholders & parents

When introducing BridgeU to stakeholders and parents, Renata usually highlights its comprehensive nature and constant improvements. She also discusses that it can be used at any stage in her students’ journey, whether they have no clue where to start or simply need to perform deeper research. BridgeU accommodates every student at her school, no matter their needs.

Additionally, she notes that without BridgeU, her students wouldn’t have access to such a wide range of information to help inform their higher education decisions. BridgeU provides Renata’s students with a safe way to research and explore universities without having to worry about being misinformed.

“BridgeU is one of the most useful platforms we have integrated into our school.”

Renata Palit 
University Counsellor, IPEKA Integrated Christian School

Matching with universities using strengths & values

The students at IICS spend a lot of time figuring out their strengths and values to use as a basis for what they’re looking for at their ideal university. Once they’ve got a general understanding of what they need, they perform most of their university research on BridgeU. 

The Intelligent Matching tool is a great way for them to streamline this process and get instantly paired with universities that match their personal and academic needs. Renata recalled that BridgeU’s university matching initially impressed her and the principal of IICS and encouraged them to sign.

Renata finds BridgeU particularly useful for students who don’t know where to start with university research. She often recommends using BridgeU’s Profile Builder as a stepping-off point to explore and match with potential universities. Her students will then further filter their choices by country, courses and interests.

BridgeU’s Profile Builder matches students with their best-fit universities through a series of questions about their preferences.

Using BridgeU to streamline tasks

The Analytics tool has been helpful for Renata when it comes to keeping track of her students’ data and reporting back.

For example, her current grade 12 students are hearing back from the universities they applied to, and she’ll be logging the data on BridgeU. And for her younger students, she wants to have their SAT scores uploaded to BridgeU as soon as possible. This helps them prepare for their own university applications starting next semester.

Plus BridgeU’s Common App and Parchment integrations have saved Renata a lot of time during application season. She enjoys that BridgeU’s confidentiality regulations and data protection provide a safe space for her students.

“Using the Common App and Parchment integrations on BridgeU gives me about 80% of my time back when it comes to document sending.”

Renata Palit
University Counsellor, IPEKA Integrated Christian School

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