Case Study 23rd January 2024

SIS Group of Schools (Indonesia)

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Customising BridgeU to keep track of every student

Since Jeremias works with a school group, the first step in implementing BridgeU into his curriculum was to find a way for every counsellor and student to easily access the features. Luckily, their Customer Success Manager (CSM), Ejona Gjata, was able to step in and help create an administrative platform for Jeremias to use.

Thanks to Ejona’s forward-thinking, he has the ability to monitor the activity of every student across the six campuses he works with. According to Jeremias, this customisation has made all the difference, and he really enjoys the ease of use.

In addition to these enhancements, Jeremias is now working closely with Ejona to conduct training for teachers and campus counsellors on how to become more efficient with BridgeU. The Customer Success Team has also received great feedback that they’ve been helpful and quick to respond when any confusion does come up in the meantime.

Jeremias has discussed with us that the campus counsellors find BridgeU user-friendly because of the simple interface, which students and teachers find easy to use.

Standardising their schools with BridgeU’s curriculum

Once Jeremias was able to view each school from his account, the next step was to ensure they had a standardised curriculum that incorporated BridgeU.

Luckily, BridgeU’s platform provides counsellors and teachers with ready-made curricula and lesson plans for any stage of a student’s application journey.

Jeremias mentioned that he’s very aware that everything students do in high school matters, so it’s essential to get them started early. Because of this, he typically starts introducing a university guidance curriculum to his students when they get to high school age, or around Secondary 3.

So with this in mind, he formed a standardised system for the schools by creating a Scheme of Work (SOW) that teachers can easily follow, including an activity for each week from BridgeU’s lesson plans. He’s claimed this is the most efficient way he’s created a SOW, which was especially helpful as he’s usually balancing other responsibilities.

Plus, BridgeU’s platform is flexible enough that Jeremias hasn’t had any trouble onboarding students later on if needed. For example, if a student moves to the area and joins the school later, after Secondary 3, it’s easy to get them set up with everything they need.

“BridgeU’s ready-made curricula make my work really efficient, especially when I need to make sure every school has a standard curriculum.”

Jeremias Sampang
Group University Guidance Counsellor, SIS Group of Schools (Indonesia)

Finding best-fit universities with BridgeU

A tool that the SIS Group of Schools has made standard for every student is BridgeU’s Profile Builder. By answering a series of questions about their academic interests and personal preferences, students can match with universities around the world that are perfect for them.

Jeremias discussed how this helps his students easily research universities and work on their university shortlists

He also shared that over the years, BridgeU has expanded the list of countries that students can search through, adding more diversity and making it an essential resource for them. For example, BridgeU recently added more information on university life in Australia, which his schools have found extremely helpful.

“I was very impressed with the Profile Builder. It’s easier for students to research universities than if they were just using Google.”

Jeremias Sampang
Group University Guidance Counsellor, SIS Group of Schools (Indonesia)

Using student content to enhance the research process

BridgeU has been useful in supporting Jeremias’ students in researching different study abroad destinations. Jeremias noted during our interview that his students have mostly been applying to Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, with a handful to the United States.

Luckily, BridgeU provides students with easy-to-access information such as destination guides and up-to-date articles on the Resource Center. In addition, he encourages students to use the Intelligent Matching feature to discover their best-fit universities and learn more about them.

According to Jeremias, a majority of his students now complete their university research and shortlist through BridgeU’s platform.

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