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Bridging the gap between school and the future

We empower schools to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world

Intelligent university and course matching tailored to each student

Our algorithm recommends best-fit universities and courses, from over 100,000 options, based on the academic, professional and social profile of each student. With BridgeU, students can apply to universities across 4 continents.


preference fit


chance of

Support and manage compelling applications

BridgeU’s application tools help students craft stand-out personal statements and essays. Our personalised task and deadline management tools mean teachers never miss a deadline or duplicate a task, and our teacher tools make every step of the process easy to track and report on.

An integrated approach to university and careers guidance

BridgeU integrates with leading school management systems to transfer relevant data and to facilitate efficient interactions within schools. Our document sending and submission function enables schools to send and track student applications to higher education institutions across multiple countries.

Manage the bigger picture through powerful analytics and reporting

We track admissions and performance trends year-on-year, enabling schools to access the information and insights they need to assess and improve student results.

A wealth of
cutting-edge features

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Document sending

Submit transcripts, reference letters & reports securely and easily

Reference writing

Organise, write, upload, submit and track reference and recommendation letters

Admissions data

Teachers can instantly access up-to-the-minute, trustworthy data

One-to-one support

Our international support teams are available 24-7 to help you

Task management

Assign tasks, set deadlines and track progress with the help of our teacher tools

Advisor dashboards

At a glance, see how students and teachers are progressing

Careers planner

Explore job pathways and relate higher education choices to future careers.

Smart matching

Get best-fit university and course recommendations based on your needs

International education

Take an international approach to university and early career opportunities

Student-centred design

BridgeU’s cloud-based platform is mobile-friendly, engaging, and intuitive

Strategy adviser

Engaging resume-building helps students craft a digital record of achievement

Student dashboards

Never miss a deadline or forget a task with dynamic dashboards and checklists

Performance insights

Tools to help you track admissions and performance year-on-year


Increase acceptances at top-ranked universities and showcase results


Demonstrate that your guidance programme is premium and robust

International approach

Encourage an internationally mobile approach to university and careers

Easy implementation

Data importation and training can be completed swiftly to fit with your school's schedule


Integrated with leading school and curriculum management systems

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