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Applying to University in 2023: The Dates and Deadlines Your Students Need to Know

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We’ve updated our essential guide to the key application dates and deadlines so that you and your students are ready for the most important international university deadlines for the 2022-23 academic year and beyond

University deadlines are generally front of mind throughout the academic year. They’re particularly prominent as new academic years begin – so, too, does university application season!

Whatever stage your students are at in their university application journey, it’s safe to say that this year will be filled with more of the following: 

  • A multitude of university deadlines in countries all over the world.
  • The release of key essay prompts and questions for the 2023-24 application cycle.
  • A variety of final exams, coursework and standardised tests.

There are a lot of key dates for your diary, especially if you work with multiple year groups/grades. So let’s start with our most immediate deadlines at time of publication – key dates and milestones for July 2023.

July 2023

July 5th

If your students took IB exams in the May session, then their results are released today. This is a crucial time for IB students, as these results of course affect students’ eligibility for their chosen universities and courses. IB students are able to access their results a day later, on the 6th July.

 The publication of IB results also ties in with the opening of UCAS Clearing. UK universities will start to release any places they have left on their courses.

July 15th

 🇩🇪 If your students are applying in Germany, then this is the final deadline for submission.

July: Useful Links

August 2023

August marks two key milestones for the most popular destination countries, the US and the UK.

While many US universities open for the next admissions cycle in August, in the UK it’s time to focus on the current year’s graduates – as many UK universities closely align their decision-making with the publication of A-Level results in the middle of the month.

August 1st

🇺🇸 On August 1st, Common App traditionally opens its doors, meaning 2024 applicants will be able to create their account, add colleges, and start work on their essays and applications.

August 17th

🇬🇧 A-Level results are traditionally published on the third Thursday of August, meaning that students will find out whether they have gained entry to universities where they have a conditional offer.

If students don’t achieve the necessary grades to get into their chosen course, then they can enter what is known as Clearing, and apply to other universities.

Students usually have until October to add Clearing choices to their list, and for universities to make their decisions.

August: Useful Links

September 2023

The final half of 2023 marks the start of the 2023-24 academic year for many schools, notably those in the northern hemisphere. This means you and your students will once again be busy prepping for upcoming Autumn and January deadlines.  It’s also the last chance 2022-23 students will have to submit applications through late deadlines in Europe should they still wish to begin their studies in 2023.

Not all dates and deadlines have been confirmed yet… but we can give you enough that you know what to look out for come the summer. 

 September 23rd 

🇬🇧 23 September will be 2023 graduates’ and school leavers’ last chance to submit their applications to UCAS.

Also in September…

🇳🇱 🇩🇪🇫🇷 A number of European universities still accept application into September for the upcoming school year – and with cheaper fees, they can be a seriously interesting option for students making last minute plan changes!

September is also when the IB typically roles out updates to its DP curriculum – though these will only affect incoming students (those graduating in 2025) as opposed to students who are halfway through their baccalaureate programme. In 2023, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Physics and Philosophy have all been scheduled for an update

September: Useful Links

October 2023

Just like in 2022, October is when applications start to open for the following year – by now, that’ll be for your 2024 applicants. 

It’ll therefore be a key month for students applying to select UK programmes, as well as those prepping for US Early Action and Early Decision Deadlines. 

15th October

🇬🇧This is the main application deadline for Oxford, Cambridge, and most Medical/Veterinary/Dentistry degrees in the UK. 

17th October

 🇬🇧 Clearing will close for 2023 entry. 

October: Useful Links

November 2023

November is another early application deadline, this time for students who are submitting applications for the US. Meanwhile, UK students who have submitted their UCAS applications to Oxford and Cambridge can expect to notified as to whether they’ve been invited for interview.

For counsellors, that means it’s often time to start writing those references and recommendations!

November 1st

 🇺🇸 1st is one of two Early Decision and Action deadlines for students applying to the United States.

Because Early Decision applications are binding, students working towards the November Early Decision deadline must have done the necessary research and preparation prior to submitting. November is one of the first of two major Early Decision deadlines – Early Decision II deadlines are early in 2023.

November 15th

🇺🇸 This is the second of the two Early Decision/Early Action deadlines for students applying in the USA.

November: Useful Links

December 2023

By December, your students will either be finalising their applications or navigating key steps of the post-application stage. 

Alongside ensuring all students who’ve yet to apply are on track to meet key application deadlines in January 2024 and throughout the subsequent spring, it’s also time to start thinking about any additional support your students may need to successfully transition from school to university. 

December: Useful Links

Stay on top of university deadlines

Don’t forget to keep checking our website as we publish more in-depth guides to some of the different national university systems, as well as a whole host of hints and tips to help you prepare your students as they research and apply to universities all over the world.

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