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10 Simple Email Templates to Help You Create More Successful International School Outreach

When you feel pressure to meet your international student recruitment targets, it can be tempting to focus on quantity rather than quality and just try to contact as many prospective schools as possible.

The trouble is, focusing on quantity over quality means your outreach efforts can risk falling flat. Your messages will just sit in the ‘unread’ section of their inbox. You’ll never get that crucial introduction you were hoping for.

Adapted from real-life examples used by our partner universities to successfully reach out to BridgeU schools, these 10 free templates will help you create high quality, personalised outreach that international school counsellors value.

Use these templates to:

  • Create personalised messages to international school contacts that will help to drive engagement with relevant contacts.
  • Save time you might otherwise spend on writing and rewriting individual emails & instant messages.
  • Ensure you’re sharing valuable resources that nurture your prospective international student audience in the long-term.

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