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[Podcast] How Can US Universities Better Position Themselves to International Students?

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Zahra Onsori University Content Writer
Hear from a former international school student on how US institutions can break down barriers to admission for their international student applicants. 

In the first episode of our short series on the State of US International Applications, we talk to resident BridgeU writer Abigail Larner.

We discuss how US universities can position themselves to international school students at a time when many prospective international undergraduates are considering other countries.

And Abigail reflects on what influenced her decisions as a former international student choosing higher education options back in 2014. How have the geopolitical shifts of Brexit, Donald Trump and COVID changed what guides students’ decisions?

The State of US International Applications Episode 1: Abigail Larner


Show Notes

Some highlights from Abi’s interview include:

  • A discussion around US entry requirements and how they are communicated to international school students.
  • Reflections on the similarities between the IB’s holistic curriculum, and the US college degree – could US universities do more to explain this to prospective students?
  • How we can often forget about international school students’ language barriers – there is a lot of terminology and lingo that might not be familiar to these students.

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