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Counsellor’s Resource Tracker 2022-23

Are you ready to start the 2022-23 school year stress free? Organise your guidance curriculum essentials with this customisable template

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Keep track of resources for both you and your classroom by keeping your go-to links together for easy access

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Discover hand-picked suggestions to expand your arsenal, whether you're a first-time advisor or a counselling veteran

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"It is really an enriching experience reading great articles and viewing recordings of some well-curated sessions. The resources really helped me in outlining my remote counselling processes."

Swati Vats, Guidance and College Counsellor/IBDP Psychology Instructor

Meet your new organisation companion

Available in Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel, your template includes categories for each of the key milestones in your guidance curriculum, organised by application country.

Each country template is fully formatted and easy to fill-in, so you can create your own personalised guidance curriculum companion.

To get you started, we’ve also pre-filled 6 popular university destinations with some of our favourite free resources for counsellors. 

Add to it, renovate it, or use as is - you can tailor it to suit your classroom's needs.

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