Intelligent matching

Our Matching tool uses data on over 28,000 global universities to show your students which courses align with their target grades and personal preferences.


Building A Profile

Students start by building an academic and personal profile within BridgeU.  A student's profile is based on their academic grades, subject preferences, as well as additional personal criteria like preferred geography and class size. 


Matching & Shortlisting

Students are matched with thousands of university destinations. BridgeU offers Reach, Match and Safety options based on a student's academic profile and personal preferences

Both counselor and student can use these matches to inform the university guidance process, building a final shortlist of best-fit universities prior to application. 


Application Submission

Students can easily manage and submit applications to their shortlisted universities through BridgeU. For each of their chosen destinations, students can:

  • Keep track of all application deadlines
  • Check the status of relevant application documents
  • Give counselors instant visibility of their application successes

Marcus Allen
Benenden School

“The main thing we like about BridgeU is it offers them options that they might not have thought about, based on their preferences.”

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