Case Study 31st July 2023

Queen Mary University of London

At a glance

Raising the profile of selected degree programmes 

QMUL’s international recruitment team sought to improve brand awareness of a number of key degree programmes, including Mathematical Sciences, Physics and International Relations.

For example, they were looking to make prospective international applicants more aware of the career opportunities and flexibility offered by the Mathematical Sciences course (Single Honours and Joint Honours). 

BridgeU’s Enrolment Services team worked with QMUL to create a number of bespoke content marketing campaigns designed to shine more of a spotlight on the Mathematical Sciences programme. 

Examples of this bespoke campaign included: 

BridgeU also helped QMUL to widen the audience of prospective international applicants, by also delivering content marketing campaigns to students who had expressed interest in Formal Sciences in the BridgeU platform. 

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An exclusive taster lecture to give international schools & students a sneak peek of studying Liberal Arts

In order to raise the profile of its Liberal Arts degree programme, BridgeU and QMUL co-produced a dedicated webinar designed to educate BridgeU’s global audience of over 10,000 counsellors and international school teachers about the career benefits and study opportunities offered by the Liberal Arts programme at the university. 

Leading academic Dr Andrew Smith delivered an exclusive Liberal Arts taster lecture, offering counsellors and their students a sneak peek of the programme’s uniquely multi-disciplinary course content, and tying Liberal Arts back to the wider mission and unique heritage of QMUL. 

Virtual events to support international student offer-holders 

QMUL was looking to increase the likelihood of international student offer-holders converting from application to final enrolment.

 BridgeU worked with QMUL to design a number of virtual, student-facing events designed to help answer international applicants’ final questions about studying at the university, and ease their transition from school to university in the UK. 

Two student panels across April and May allowed a current QMUL international undergraduate to take questions from offer holders about what made QMUL such a great place to study.

 Meanwhile, pre-departure workshops were designed to ensure that admitted international students could ask any final questions to QMUL admissions reps. 

Networking events with counsellors to widen brand awareness of QMUL in key recruitment markets

QMUL’s international student recruitment team were invited to take part at a networking event in London

This event was a valuable opportunity for QMUL’s international recruitment team to meet with BridgeU counsellors and discuss a number of key issues surrounding the UK admissions process. 

QMUL delivered a presentation to BridgeU counsellors about the university’s offering for international students. This was a valuable opportunity for QMUL to grow its brand awareness with BridgeU schools in the UK and informally network with BridgeU counsellors. 

The QMUL team also took part in a panel discussion where they covered a number of the key issues that counsellors face throughout the UK admissions process. Topics covered included the role of International recruitment teams in advising students on choosing the best fit course and forthcoming changes to the UCAS application process. 

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