Case Study 17th July 2023

KPIS International School

At a glance

“As a smaller school, BridgeU works really well for us and helps our students explore all their options.”

May Sirirattanametee, Global Education Specialist, KPIS International School

Incorporating BridgeU lesson plans into their curriculum

One way the KPIS International School uses BridgeU’s Lesson Plans is to create personal projects for the students as a way to encourage them to research institutions and courses. 

The teachers are able to combine the BridgeU Careers features and Lesson Plans to create assignments for their students. Last year, they gave students a personal project where they explore the careers section on BridgeU and choose a career they were interested in to present back to the rest of their class.

They’ll use their presentation on their chosen career to showcase the features of the job and what they would need to study to be qualified. Then, after meeting with their teachers, the students meet one-on-one with May so she can help them use this information to prepare for university applications.

“Students find the personality tests really interesting, and it’s a good way to get them involved, as personality tests are very popular at the moment.”

May Sirirattanametee, Global Education Specialist, KPIS International School

Getting parents involved in university research

When May has students who want to study abroad, it can sometimes be an overwhelming decision for them and their families, especially when it comes to being far from home or figuring out how to finance their degree. For these students, she recommends they scroll through BridgeU to do more thorough research about tuition and scholarship opportunities related to the degrees they’re interested in.

In addition, she receives a lot of questions from parents about how to get younger students involved in university preparation. She’s found that activities related to exploring interests and conducting research are great for younger students and help parents feel confident in their decisions, such as which AP classes they decide to take. May commented that BridgeU has been helpful with this, as they can use the Careers and Profile Builder tools to help them in the beginning.

BridgeU helps with submissions to the Common App

An important part of May’s job is corresponding with her colleagues to get the documents her students need for their applications. BridgeU helps her streamline the process by letting her know which students need which documents and when. She’s also found it easy to use for everyone, with teachers being able to write and upload documents for their students. 

Plus, since a lot of the students at KPIS International School apply to institutions in the United States of America, BridgeU’s integrations with the Common App keep their applications organised. May talked about how much time she had been able to save through BridgeU’s Document Sending tool.

“Document Sending helps me and my students a lot, especially when submitting applications through the Common App.”

May Sirirattanametee, Global Education Specialist, KPIS International School

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