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17 Essential University & Careers Guidance Resources for New Counselors

30 May 2019

Studying at a university abroad is becoming an attractive and viable option for an increasing number of students in countries worldwide. BridgeU’s work with guidance counselors and careers advisers all...

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Product Update: Introducing the New Countries in Our University Matcher

29 May 2019

We’re pleased to announce that, as of May, students using BridgeU will be able to both research and match with a wider range of global university destinations. Your students will...

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Studying Medicine in the UK: Should Students Take the BMAT or the UCAT?

22 May 2019

For students thinking of pursuing a career in medicine, there’s no better place than the UK. In the 2015/16 academic year, 11% of international students coming to the UK applied...

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Product Update: Indian Curricula & Indian University Application

14 May 2019

In 2019, BridgeU is continuing to expand students’ ability to research and shortlist international destinations, especially in countries where investment in higher education is growing and access to higher education...

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Studying in Germany: The 7 Steps of a University Application

3 May 2019

The clock has already started ticking. For university applicants at your school who are looking to study in Germany, the major deadlines aren’t far away. Between May and July the...

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Studying at University in Germany: The Different Degree Paths Explained

24 Apr 2019

In recent years, one country has slowly been growing in popularity in international university rankings. Offering low tuition fees and a wide range of degree options, it’s become a challenger...

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BridgeU Partners With Keys To Succeed To Deliver More Personalised Careers Guidance

16 Apr 2019

What motivates you? How do you like to learn? In what environment are you at your most productive? Students don’t always get asked the questions above, especially not students who...

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Introducing Insights: The Data Analysis Tool Built For BridgeU Schools

8 Apr 2019

Since BridgeU began in 2014, we’ve been passionate advocates of using data to inform and improve university and careers guidance. Our existing BridgeU Analytics tool has helped us to provide...

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SAT or ACT? Which Test Is Right For My Students?

18 Mar 2019

SAT or ACT? These two standardised tests are one of the most important factors governing your students’ admission to a university in the United States. Students’ SAT or ACT scores...

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Product Update: How To Schedule University Visits with BridgeU

13 Mar 2019

As we’ve discussed before, a university visit to your school can be an invaluable tool for your students as they explore potential destinations. It’s a student’s chance to open a...

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