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Free Ebook: How Can Guidance Counsellors Build Trust in Their Strategy?

Your essential guide to managing the different stakeholders at your school

As a counselor, you will have to manage a lot of different stakeholders. Students trust you to help them choose the right pathway, parents trust you to give their child a bright future, and senior leaders trust you to achieve the best results for the school. So how do you make sure everyone is happy?

This eBook is filled with tips and best practices to help you manage expectations, create a culture of collaboration, and get all stakeholders invested in your guidance strategy.

Chapters in this ebook:

  • Students
    Tips for giving students impartial advice and keeping them engaged through the university application process.
  • Parents
    How to manage parents’ expectations and get them invested in your guidance programme.
  • Senior Leaders
    What to do when reporting to leadership and communicating with teachers and other staff members.

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