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The BridgeU International Undergraduate Recruitment Country Guide: China.

Introducing part two of our International Undergraduate Recruitment Country Guide Series, this time with a focus on China.

BridgeU works exclusively with international schools in over 140 countries, helping students navigate complex admissions processes across different destination countries. Drawing on this data, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to bolster your international undergraduate recruitment efforts in China.

Exclusively available for our BridgeU university partners, this extensive report explores key insights and trends in international student recruitment in China. Join the waitlist to get first access to this exclusive report.

Why You Need This Guide:

  • Access real-time data insights and counsellor perspectives on emerging student trends.
  • Obtain strategies for attracting Chinese students, including highlighting career pathways, job opportunities, and scholarships.
  • Explore data trends on Chinese students’ preferences for destination countries and subjects.
  • Learn about the diversity of international schools in China and the recent legislative changes affecting them.

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