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Your Go-To Guide for BridgeU's Upcoming Events [2024]

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BridgeU is the all-in-one university and careers guidance platform designed to help international school counsellors manage their guidance programmes and simplify the university application process. 

So to connect our community of international school counsellors, students and university partners, we’ve launched virtual events that focus on providing up-to-date information and facilitating connections for our community.

At BridgeU, we take pride in helping international, globally-minded students discover and explore the best higher-ed pathways available to them – wherever those opportunities may be. 

We believe that for universities and international schools to excel in the competitive higher-ed industry, they must work collaboratively, which is the founding ethos of our platform.

“Creating this year’s virtual event schedule was super exciting, and I had two clear missions:

1. To unite our international school counsellors and university partners in an educational space that will equip counsellors to support their students and forge bright futures.

2. Create events for students that allow them to explore, stay engaged, and excel. We have just started this event season; however, the feedback from counsellors, students, and university partners has been positive, and we aim to continue to deliver quality virtual events throughout the year.”

Sandie Anderson, Events Manager, BridgeU

To learn more about what our virtual event series looks like this year and how international schools can get involved, keep reading!

What is the Global Guidance series?

Global Guidance is a series of webinars tailored to educate our international school counsellor network. Each month, we’re joined by various universities from around the world to discuss a different topic relating to our counsellor’s students’ university applications. 

Each event provides counsellors with an opportunity to ask questions of university representatives and discuss real-time solutions together. And remember, even if counsellors can’t attend on the day, they’ll receive the recording to watch at their convenience just by registering.

These events are open to our community of BridgeU counsellors and the public. Keep an eye on our knowledge hub, where we’ll post more information about our upcoming events and how to register.

What is the Bridge2TheFuture series?

Bridge2TheFuture is a monthly webinar series available to BridgeU students that provides them with essential information for their university and career exploration journey. 

We’re working with popular universities to cover everything from study exam tips to breaking into STEM fields. Whether students are mapping out their academic journey or laying the groundwork for a future career, these webinars provide valuable insights on staying ahead of the curve. 

These events are only open to BridgeU schools, but we’ll let you know how to access BridgeU’s full range of events below.

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You can find information about all of BridgeU’s upcoming events and register for the Global Guidance webinars on our events page

To access BridgeU’s exclusive events, like the Bridge2TheFuture series, and tailored support for your guidance programme, reach out to our Education Partnership team below.

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