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Easily Find and Filter Universities on BridgeU

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We know that university research plays a big role in helping students to make some of the most important decisions of their lives.

Our latest round of updates to the BridgeU platform have been designed to simplify students’ university research, with a series of that make it easier to find and filter universities. 

Specifically, our latest updates to the BridgeU platform will allow students to: 

  • More easily search for universities and add institutions to their shortlist. 
  • Filter their university choices by country
  • Filter their university matches by the three Reach, Match & Safety criteria. 
  • Quickly review their university recommendations, with paginated search results. Students will now be able to navigate through their results, with 9 universities on each page. 

Let’s take a closer look at how students can use these new features to enable a simpler university research process.

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Pagination of search results

Previously, students would have to endlessly scroll through their matches, discarding universities as they went. Feedback from we received from students told us that this made the university search process unnecessarily time-consuming. 

That’s why we’ve paginated the recommendations that students see on their Universities dashboard, making it easier for students to search through their results and shortlist or discard universities as they see fit.

Students will see a ‘Previous’ and ‘Next tab at the bottom of their dashboard, allowing them to quickly browse their university recommendations. 

An improved university search tool

Our next major update has made it easier for students to search international universities by country, city or university name, ensuring they’ll be able to quickly hone in on destinations that are of interest to them. 

For example, you’ll see here that a student interested in studying in the United Kingdom can now do a quick search for institutions in London. 

But we’ve also gone further and made it easier for students to shortlist courses as well as universities where relevant. 

For example, a student who is interested in studying at the London School of Economics & Political Science can now click on this university and get a full list of the courses on offer. Students will see degree courses that they can sort by subject match, chance of acceptance or in alphabetical order. 


Next to each course’s name, students will see a ‘Shortlist’ button, enabling them to add any course to their main shortlist within the BridgeU platform. 

Note: For countries where students don’t apply to a course and apply to directly to the university itself [e.g. the United States], the ‘Shortlist’ option will appear next to the university name in the search results. 

Filtering universities by match country

When students first build their BridgeU profiles, they are invited to select which countries they would be interested in applying to. They are then shown university recommendations based on their choices. 

Previously, students would have to go back into their original profile and change their country preferences in order to narrow down their university recommendations by country. 

Students can now add all of the countries in their Profile Builder, or even just select all countries to keep their options open. BridgeU makes it easy for them to filter their choices later! 

To save students’ time and help them organise their research, we’ve created new filters to help students sort their recommendations by country. 

Take a student who is applying to study in the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA. When considering the UK, instead of having to scroll throughout their entire list of university recommendations, they can now filter out universities from other countries, and focus only on their UK institutions. 


As well as filtering by country, we’ve made it easier to also filter universities by chance of acceptance.

Filtering universities by chance of acceptance

Students can now filter universities into the three chance of acceptance categories – Reach, Match and Safety. 

BridgeU-chance of acceptance-filter

Students can filter their university recommendations by chance of acceptance by using the three colour-coded tabs at the top of their dashboard. They can also switch back to viewing all of their recommendations at any time. 

Of course, students can use both these filters at the same time. So if they want to look at their ‘Match’ universities in Germany for example, it’s never been easier. 

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If your school is currently using BridgeU and you’d like any more help or support with the new overview, please don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager, or get in touch using the online chat feature in the platform! 

We’re also keen to hear your students’ feedback – please forward that to your Customer Success Manager by email and we’ll send it straight to our product team.

If you’re not currently a BridgeU user, but would like to know more about how our platform can help you manage the university application process, then book a demo with us below. 

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