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Introducing BridgeU’s New Student Resource Center

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After receiving feedback from students, we realised it can sometimes be difficult to find information about the university research process all in one place. So, we wanted to find a way for students to easily consume content outside of their feed that would help them during their research journey.

Which is why we’re excited to introduce the Student Resource Center, a new feature available on the BridgeU platform, to help students find information more efficiently. 

BridgeU’s new Resource Center was created as an alternative way to deliver valuable resources to students. Through an easy-to-use display, students can quickly find content that covers subjects based on their academic interests, destination preferences, and shortlisted universities.

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What is the Resource Center?

On the Resource Center, students are able to read through our destination guides, how-to articles, information on different subjects, and more. All of the articles in the Resource Center can be filtered by categories such as Subjects, Student Life, Applications, and more. 

So, to find an article, all they’ll need to do is filter by the relevant topic and scroll until they find the answer to their question. We’re also going to be uploading advice from BridgeU’s university research experts to point your students in the right direction.

At launch, they’ll have access to our collection of over 80 articles. And we have exciting plans underway to continuously add more up-to-date content.

Resource Center Tip

It’s now easier than ever for students to save helpful articles for later by clicking the star in the top-right corner. They can find their bookmarked articles by filtering by the “Saved” category.

How will the Resource Center benefit students?

This new feature will provide a number of benefits for the students using BridgeU, including:

  • Being able to easily access additional BridgeU content and resources.
  • Filtering content and resources by theme to quickly find exactly what they need.
  • Focusing on providing students with guidance and support during the most important steps of university research.

The Resource Center is a way for students to have an additional space to discover relevant content. Since this is a student-focused feature, it will provide articles on common student university research topics we’ve noticed are being searched frequently, for example, important questions to ask when choosing a university.

Combining the Resource Center with other BridgeU features

Students can combine the Resource Center with other BridgeU features, such as Assessments and Careers, to create a more coordinated experience through the platform.

For example, the Resource Center can be paired with the Assessments feature to streamline students’ research. After taking personality tests through Assessments, students can use their bespoke results, including information about which career path is a good fit, to research courses and institutions that align with their goals in the Resource Center. 

Plus, they can combine the tailored content of the News Feed with the wider range of content in the Resource Center to ensure they have all the resources they need to make informed decisions. 

The News Feed provides content that’s specific to each student’s interests and where they’re at with their applications. After reading through their newsfeed, they can seamlessly transition to the Resource Center to continue in-depth research on important topics.

If you have any questions about our Resource Center, don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

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