Blog 🏛️ University 9th June 2020

Where Do International Students Want to Apply to University in 2020?

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Zahra Onsori University Content Writer
Our latest infographic offers a comprehensive overview of where BridgeU students applied in the 2019/20 application cycle.

Our latest analysis of BridgeU students’ 2019-20 global decision making patterns confirms some pre-existing trends from our earlier research and reveals some new insights into regional university preferences.

We find that the United States remains the most popular international university destination in the 2019/20 application cycle. In line with our previous findings, the United Kingdom and Canada rank 2nd and 3rd, respectively.  

On a regional basis, we find that the Netherlands & Spain lead the rankings for Europe. In Asia, Hong Kong and Singapore received the most interest from international students in the 2019/20 application cycle. 

If you’d like to read more of our insights on our international students’ university choices, download our latest report, 2020 & Beyond: What Does International Students’ Global Mobility Look Like for 2020/21.

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