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Where Did BridgeU International Students Come From in 2019/20?

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Zahra Onsori University Content Writer
Read our first comprehensive analysis of how our BridgeU students are distributed across the globe. 

As the 2019/20 academic year draws to a close, over 30,000 high school students have used the BridgeU platform to research, discover and apply to their best-fit university and course.

It goes without saying really proud of the students who have used our platform to find the university and career pathways that align with their unique interests and ambitions. 

For the first time, we’ve compiled and analysed how our students are distributed across the globe.

The data we’ve gathered provides some relevant and up-to-the-minute insights for universities that are trying to rethink how they engage with international students in the wake of the upheaval caused by COVID-19. 

infographic showing international student mobility 2019/20

In addition, we found that BridgeU students from Asia were the most globally mobile, and were most likely to apply to the Americas for university. We also found that Europe was a popular study destination for Asian students in 2020.

By contrast, European universities received the highest volume of interest from school students already living in Europe, suggesting that European students are more likely to stay in this region for university study. 

If you’d like to read more of our insights on our international students’ university choices, download our latest report, 2020 & Beyond: What Does International Students’ Global Mobility Look Like for 2020/21.

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