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How to Nurture a Local (& Global) Counseling Network

15 Nov 2019

As careers and university guidance counselors, it has been said that our profession leans towards a vocation. There is an acutely human side to being a counselor – it’s the reason...

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10 Trends That Shaped International Student Recruitment In 2019

25 Oct 2019

International student recruitment is a major priority for higher education systems & governments in multiple countries. But where are international students actually choosing to study? What do we know about...

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How to Write Supplemental Essays for US Universities 2019-20

25 Oct 2019

If you have students who are applying to US university destinations, then they will most likely be well underway with their Common App and Coalition essays. Whilst these general essays...

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Student Finance In the UK: How It Works & Where To Find It

15 Oct 2019

Student finance.  Whisper it, but a lot of university decisions will often be heavily influenced by student finance. We love to talk about personal ambition, best-fit universities and career aspirations...

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How To Send School Transcripts & Application Documents: The Ultimate Guide

7 Oct 2019

In almost every line of work, most of us will do anything we can to avoid it. But sending school transcripts to multiple international universities is a lot of paperwork. ...

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How to Write The Common App Essay 2019-20

23 Sep 2019

If you have students who are looking to study at a university in the US, then there is a high probability they will submit some of their applications through the...

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How To Write a UCAS Personal Statement [With Examples]

12 Sep 2019

There are hundreds of articles out there on how to write a UCAS Personal Statement that will grab the attention of a UK university admissions officer.   But if you’re working...

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Applying to University in 2019: The Deadlines Your Students Need to Know [Updated]

4 Sep 2019

2019 is proving to be yet another busy year for students applying to university. Whatever stage your students are at in their university application journey, counselors and students can expect...

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How to Help Your Students Start Their Career Planning With BridgeU Assessments

18 Aug 2019

In 2019, we’ve been working on a number of exciting new innovations to set students on their journey to finding the right career path.  As part of this, we’re introducing...

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Product Update: Introducing BridgeU's Integration With Common App

2 Aug 2019

BridgeU’s mission to open up university and careers guidance to more international students has seen us forge partnerships with other online platforms and application portals, further simplifying the university application...

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