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Easy Setup & Configuration

We make it easy to transition from a manual guidance process to one centralised platform. We'll have you, your counseling team and your students set up within a day. 

  • We help you import and transfer your student data from any existing internal system. 
  • We'll import your historical data so you can review and plan your guidance program from day one. 
  • If you're part of a counseling team we make it easy for you to assign privileges and responsibilities within your team. 

Strategy & Curriculum Planning

We give you all the resources you need to build a university & careers counseling curriculum that delivers the best possible outcomes, both for your students and your school. 

  • Our free teaching resources & lesson plans help you easily embed BridgeU into every stage of your guidance curriculum
  • Our Customer Success team offers continuous product training and professional development, ensuring you and your students are confident and active users of the platform. 
  • Use our Insights tool to review and assess your student's outcomes and communicate achievements both within and outside your school.

Support your student's self discovery

BridgeU helps your middle years students learn more about their strengths and interests, as they begin think about their career and university aspirations.  

  • Students can use BridgeU to take personality assessments that help them understand their skillset, their career interests and their preferred learning style. 
  • Use the BridgeU platform alongside our lesson plans and teaching resources to help your students explore career pathways & labour market trends. 

Personalised university recommendations

BridgeU presents your students with a highly relevant list of universities and courses that are available globally. Students will receive personalised matches from over 139,000 English taught courses in 10 countries.  

Students can use BridgeU to discover a range of international university destinations that they may not have considered. This approach avoids the single factor filtering used by other platforms, which can obscure best-fit options for students. 

You and your counseling team can use these recommendations to have help your students shape and build a bespoke university application shortlist. 


Quick and easy application preparation

Our Document Sending and Reference writing features ensure that your applications sent from your school conform to entry requirements of universities and international organisations such as UCAS or the Common Application. 

BridgeU lets you easily track and manage application submissions to see which documents are still required for each application. Our innovative workflow tools allow you to request and follow up with other users to provide additional documents such as references and letters of recommendation. 

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