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The Insights UK Universities Need to Compete Internationally in 2023

Insights From International Schools To Help You Design An Informed & Competitive Recruitment Strategy

International student enrolment at UK universities is only expected to grow in the coming decade, with the International Education Strategy meeting its target nearly 10 years early.

But our international school counsellors already tell us that the UK is competing fiercely with other destinations for prospective undergraduates’ attention, with institutions in countries in Australia, Canada and the Netherlands offering more potential value.

UK admissions teams will need to more successfully anticipate what is guiding applicants’ decisions in key markets if their institutions are to remain competitive in 2023 and beyond. Introducing our latest market intelligence report for UK admissions teams.

What you’ll learn:

  • Insights from international school counsellors on what’s driving their students’ UK application decisions.
  • Analysis of how international students’ preferences breaks down by institutiondegree programme and the four UK constituent countries.
  • Updates on the key competitor universities in other destination countries.

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