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The 13 Most Common Questions That International Student Applicants Ask UK Universities & How You Should Answer Them

Introducing the free resource that helps you proactively anticipate the key concerns of international applicants & align your marketing and communications to their needs

If you work in international admissions or recruitment at a UK university, you’ll already know that international students ask a lot of questions during the university application process!

But even though international & UK domestic students might ask what appear to be very similar questions, their reasons for asking them might be very different – and may require different answers.

That’s why we’ve delved a bit deeper into international students’ most frequent questions, so you can better understand their motives & avoid miscommunication with those interested in applying to your university! 

Communicate with international students effectively, with a free resource that helps your admissions team:

  • Anticipate the frequently asked questions from UK international student applicants and align your marketing accordingly.
  • Easily respond to students’ key concerns about entry requirements, scholarships and life on campus.
  • Align your conversion strategies with the bespoke needs of international applicants in different markets.
  • Learn tactics on international student engagement from your peers at other UK universities who have worked with BridgeU.

Universities worldwide use BridgeU to improve the quality & diversity of their international enrolment

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