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Your FREE International School Recruitment Planner

Introducing the 4-step process that helps your admissions team design an international recruitment strategy to reach students actively interested in applying to your institution

Step 1) Review your international recruitment goals, objectives, strengths & weaknesses.

Step 2) Conduct an analysis of your relevant international school recruitment markets.

Step 3) Research your target international schools in your key recruitment markets.

Step 4) Start your outreach to select international school counsellors & students.

Download your free planner and create a smarter international school strategy that:

  • Clearly defines your international undergraduate recruitment objectives.
  • Helps admissions reps to recognise enrolment opportunities in key markets.
  • Ensures you’re meeting with best-fit international schools.
  • Aligns your recruitment outreach with the needs and academic interests of your best-fit students.

Universities worldwide use BridgeU to improve the quality & diversity of their international enrolment

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