Downloadable Guides 🏛️ University 3rd October 2023

How US Universities Can Nurture & Grow The Crucial Undergraduate Enrollment Channel

International schools are fast outpacing other international undergraduate recruitment channels for U.S. universities.

But too few U.S. international admissions teams are investing in this crucial market.

In our latest ebook, we explore the three key reasons why a dedicated international schools strategy is essential if U.S. institutions are to improve quality & diversity in the long-term.

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  • Why international schools can unlock a more diverse audience of undergraduate candidates.
  • How BridgeU has helped U.S. universities improve brand awareness with international students at key stages throughout the admissions cycle.
  • How to build relationships with international school counselors & create a truly student-centric enrollment strategy.

Universities worldwide use BridgeU to improve the quality & diversity of their international enrolment

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