Reporting & Insights 🏛️ University 2nd October 2023

How UK Universities Can Meet Their Quality & Diversity Goals in 2024

As it stands, BridgeU student applications are growing faster than overall UCAS applications.

And in 2023, 92% of BridgeU international students received an offer from UK universities.

But what makes our international students have such high conversion rates?

Find out in our latest UK report and grow the quality and diversity of your international student cohort for 2024 and beyond.

You’re guaranteed to take away:

  • How international schools will play an integral role in the future of building a more sustainable undergraduate recruitment strategy.
  • Data insights highlighting where and how international school students’ applications to the UK have grown in the past six years.
  • How to utilise this data to increase the quality of your student cohort, from application to enrolment.
  • Where to allocate resources in order to grow your international cohort for 2024 and beyond.

Download the report and transform your international student cohort today.

Universities worldwide use BridgeU to improve the quality & diversity of their international enrolment

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