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How to Succeed At Hybrid International Student Recruitment: The View From Schools

Insights From International School Counsellors On How Universities Can Adapt Their Recruitment in 2022 [Includes free recorded webinar]

Personalised & collaborative outreach to international school counsellors is now needed more than ever.

But what types of interactions do they genuinely appreciate? What information do they, and their students, really crave from your university? And how can you get their students excited about applying to your institution?

In this pack, international school counsellors share tips on how to delight their students… and deliver outreach that will encourage them to convert into enrolments at your institution in 2022 & 2023.

What you’ll get:

  • Survey insights from international school counsellors who rate the value of university outreach to them and their students.
  • Anecdotal feedback from counsellors that provide the contextual information you need to act on in your outreach.
  • Strategy tips on how to adapt your recruitment strategy in 2022/23 & successfully increase enrolment.

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