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6 Simple Strategies to Improve Your University's Brand Awareness With International Students

Convey your institutions brand story to the right students, at the right time.

Recent research published by BridgeU, Open Doors and the Common App suggests that the U.S. continues to be a popular destination for international school students.

But our research also found that institution type really matters, with mid-sized and large private institutions receiving the most applications from BridgeU international school graduates in the past five application cycles.

At a time when both national and global competition for international student talent is only growing more fierce, how can your higher ed institution build better brand awareness and more effectively differentiate yourself from its competitors?

As a new enrollment cycle begins, your latest higher ed marketing resource gives you everything you need to:

  • Understand how international students make decisions about their best-fit universities in 2023/24 – and how you should adapt your marketing accordingly.
  • Set yourself apart from competitor institutions, both nationally and internationally.
  • Tell your university’s unique brand story to international students in different markets.

Universities worldwide use BridgeU to improve the quality & diversity of their international enrolment

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