Downloadable Guides 🏛️ University 6th May 2021

The 5 Mistakes Universities Make When Building Relationships With International Schools & How To Avoid Them

Finally! A proven way to start a conversation with your target international schools without spending hours on pointless prospecting.

If you work in international student recruitment, an essential part of your recruitment strategy means building high-quality relationships with international school counsellors.

But many university reps design outreach that is too generalised. They fail to tailor their outreach to the unique context of a counsellor’s job. Emails aren’t opened. Rep visit requests go unnoticed. The chance to build long-lasting relationships with counsellors and students is lost.

That’s why we created a new eBook that explains the 5 mistakes to avoid when speaking to international schools. We’ll teach you how to create a tailored, personalised outreach strategy that aligns with the needs of counsellors and students alike.

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