How it works

Today, students are faced with a more complex and fragmented landscape of post-secondary opportunities than ever before. We built BridgeU to enable teachers and advisors to guide students with confidence through this maze, ensuring each student makes the right choice for their future.


Thoughtful design

BridgeU enables schools to help young people make well-informed decisions about their futures. As the higher education and early career landscape evolves at a rapid pace, we continually improve and develop our platform to stay ahead of current trends, and to adapt to the evolving needs of our schools.


BridgeU is designed to be simple to use. We do the heavy lifting so that time spent on the platform directly impacts results for teachers, students, & senior leaders.


Our end-to-end platform covers your school’s full range of needs, from personalised course recommendations, to enabling teacher collaboration & submitting global applications.


BridgeU integrates with leading school and curriculum management systems to enable efficient data transfer and to reduce task duplication among teachers.


Powerful information

The array of options that students encounter when planning their post-secondary pathways can be dizzying. We know that students need relevant information at their fingertips in order to make an informed decision, so we built a way to collate massive amounts of data and enable students to meaningfully compare and contrast personalised recommendations.


Whenever we recommend a university or course, we access over a million data points. We update our sources weekly & use admissions data from BridgeU schools in 50+ countries to continually refine our recommendations.


BridgeU enables schools to report on the progress of their students and the outcomes of each cohort. This means nothing falls through the cracks, and information can be collated and shared at the click of a button.


Our careers tool enables students to contextualise higher education choices within broader global labour market shifts, empowering students with the information to align their skills development to wider industry trends.


Meaningful insights

At BridgeU, we believe that technology should enable advisers to provide a more robust, insight-driven guidance service to students and parents. BridgeU’s platform performs intelligent analysis to provide you with the insight you need to excel at your job.


We analyse broader admissions themes & trends across universities worldwide, enabled by years of expertise in education & technology. Together with the volume & diversity of BridgeU schools, this allows us to keep your guidance programme current & forward-looking.


We believe that to create a level playing field, universities need to become more transparent. In a traditionally opaque decision-making environment, we are lifting the lid on how universities admit applicants, and empowering schools with this insight.


Building a truly global workforce demands an increasingly borderless world. BridgeU enables students to explore post-secondary options across the world and provides the only international careers database to help guide decision-making.

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