Help students take control of their own guidance journey, and explore content that is timely, engaging and relevant to them.


A personalised feed for your students

When they log in to BridgeU, students will be presented with their Discover dashboard - a content feed based on their year group, their subject and destination preferences, and the universities they have expressed interest in.

This includes how-to-articles, country guides, university updates, and other useful articles to help them through the guidance journey.


Trustworthy and relevant information

All of the articles on Discover are written and curated by the BridgeU team of international education experts.

We create content based on feedback from our counsellors and students, and we make it our responsibility to ensure that the information presented is well-researched, up to date and impartial.


Exclusive university content

We work directly with universities to learn first-hand about the experiences and opportunities they offer to prospective students. We then tailor and share this information on Discover, including:

  • Articles, alumni stories, and videos
  • Invitations to virtual events or university showcases
  • Scholarship opportunities for BridgeU students


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