Our aim is to empower schools to prepare today's students for tomorrow's world. The comprehensive BridgeU university and careers guidance platform covers every aspect of the advice and guidance process.

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Document sending

Submit and track application documents directly from the BridgeU platform, eliminating offline procedures, printing costs, and task duplication. We are partnered with Parchment, the leading secure-sending application for school transcripts. This year we will be launching our Common App integration to further simplify the process of sending documents to universities.

University matching

We believe that the best decisions are powered by the right information, and personalised to the individual. With BridgeU, students build a robust personal profile, and our matching algorithm generates university and course choices that are personalised to their unique preferences and academic strengths.

Reference writing

Coordinate, write, and track reference letters for students. Access summarised information on a student’s academic and personal history, and collaborate with other teachers to compile detailed, personalised student letters of recommendation.

Career planning

We partnered with Burning Glass Technologies, a leading aggregator of global labour market data, to power our careers tool. By enabling students to explore job families and understand labour market demand, salary and related qualifications, this tool inspires students to build well-informed early career pathways.

Performance insights

Use BridgeU Insights to visualise data on your student’s university outcomes and understand the factors affecting their performance. Benchmark your performance against other BridgeU schools to inform and improve your own guidance programme.

Showcase results

BridgeU has helped schools increase acceptance rates at top-ranked global universities and expand the range of institutions where students apply. We can help you showcase those results in your strategy and marketing materials, with beautiful graphics and detailed insights.

International education

Explore the benefits of an international education with BridgeU. With a database of over 26,000 global universities and the ability to get personalised course recommendations across Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the USA, BridgeU enables students to consider the right post-secondary opportunities for them, regardless of location.

Demonstrate innovation

Show parents, governing boards, and potential partners that your guidance programme is modern, premium and robust. By adopting BridgeU’s cutting-edge solution for university and careers guidance, you’ll prove your school’s commitment to the best in education technology and to advancing the process of student decision-making.

Assessment Tools 

Assessment tools by Keys to Succeed offer age-appropriate and effective online personality assessments in multiple languages to help students shine their brightest.

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