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Webinar: The UK Enrolment Process Explained: A Step by Step Guide to Transitioning to a UK University

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What happens next once your students have sent their applications to their chosen universities? What can students expect when they leave school and become an undergraduate? How can you help them prepare for the transition?

Re-watch our webinar from Thursday 20th October where we interviewed admissions reps and a current international undergraduate at the University of Dundee, a leading Scottish university, to learn all about the UK university enrolment process.

Throughout the recording, you’ll learn:

  • How the UK enrolment process works, and what you and your students can do to prepare while they’re still at school
  • What support international undergraduates can expect in the lead-up to their first year at a UK university, from visa application to on-campus orientation
  • Meet a current international student as they share their experience of moving to the UK for university and adjusting to a new academic culture abroad

You’ll also get to learn more about what’s unique about the university system in Scotland and what sets it apart from the rest of the UK in 2022-23.

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