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Webinar: Seeing Medical & Science Careers Differently: Spotlight on the Biomedical Sciences

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Ever heard of Experimental Oncology? Clinical Virology? What about Pathophysiology? 

Going to university often means discovering a whole world of new opportunities for students to embrace throughout their degrees. It’s not uncommon, after all, for many university classes and courses to cover topics students seldom study at secondary school. 

But have your students seriously thought about whether any of these hybrid-sounding subjects might just be the degree combination of their dreams?

Re-watch our webinar as we deep-dive into the subject with the University of Bristol and explore the exciting world of the Biomedical Sciences: 

  • Learn about this challenging, interdisciplinary field and the range of future career and graduate opportunities it opens up for international students. 
  • Understand what pursuing a biomedical degree entails, the range of projects, classes and work experience opportunities students can choose from.
  • Preview what it’s like to study at a UK Russell Group university: discover their leading facilities and meet Bristol faculty member Professor Ann Williams.