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Webinar: A Beginner's Guide to UK Liberal Arts Degrees [With Bonus Taster Lecture]

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Contrary to popular belief, a liberal arts degree isn’t just limited to the arts. In fact, liberal arts courses can span humanities, arts, social sciences and natural sciences.

And you may have some students and parents who wonder if a liberal arts degree is the best preparation for the world of work when compared to a STEM subject.

But a recent graduate survey from ComRes shows this is a misconception. Liberal arts graduates are more likely to develop broad competencies valued by future employees including research skills, independence, and critical thinking.

Watch this webinar in partnership with Queen Mary University of London, where we explain why liberal arts degrees can lead to interesting and lucrative career outcomes for your students.

The liberal arts degree is normally associated with universities in North America. In this webinar, Dr Andrew Smith at QMUL explains how his faculty is helping to lead the way in making liberal arts degrees more accessible to students enrolled at universities in the UK.

As well as sharing insights on what it’s like to study at one of London’s leading universities, you’ll also be treated to a short taster lecture from Dr Andrew Smith.

So don’t miss this chance to get a sneak peek of the liberal arts experience at QMUL.