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Counsellor Masterclass: Mindfulness Strategies for Unlocking University Application Success

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The end of the academic year is a stressful time for students as they send out their university applications. However, many counsellors have begun implementing mindfulness as a powerful tool for reducing anxiety and helping students stay engaged.

Mindfulness is a technique where someone focuses on the present moment while acknowledging their thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judging them. These exercises can help students feel supported and teach them how to manage stress and burnout.

So, watch our latest webinar in partnership with Rabat American School, where we explore mindfulness as a technique in school counselling.

Rachael Gerbic, Secondary School Counsellor and University Advisor at Rabat American School, shares helpful information for introducing mindfulness to your students and takes you through an activity to see mindfulness in action.

Plus, we show how you can integrate mindfulness into your school’s university application process to help students regulate emotions, like anxiety, using examples from Rachael’s experiences as a school counsellor.

Take advantage of this opportunity to discover how you can transform your students’ university application experience.