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How to Finalise Your Students’ Applications & Improve Their Outcomes

For many of the counsellors that BridgeU works with, this is their most stressful time of year. 

Preparing applications. 

Helping students to finalise their essays. 

Our latest webinar is here to help. 

In 45 minutes, we’ll share insights gathered from BridgeU’s community of international school counsellors and highlight some useful application resources from our university and careers guidance platform. 

Watch the recording as we:

  • Do a quick comparison of application requirements in different countries and give you tips to help your students succeed no matter where they want to study! 
  • Show examples of BridgeU features that our counsellors use to achieve the best application outcomes for their students
  • Share stories from some other BridgeU counsellors on how they successfully manage their guidance curriculum during this busy time.