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Helping students transition from career aspiration to university application in 2022 can seem tricky. After all, this is an exciting but uniquely challenging time in the professional and academic worlds, which are more rapidly changing, varied and unpredictable than ever. But don't worry! This eBook can help you guide your students to their brightest paths...



The question “what do you want to do when you’re older” is one that some of your students will be able to answer immediately, whilst others may struggle!

Whether you’re helping students find a route to their dream career, or choose a degree pathway that opens up a variety of opportunities, this guide is here to help.

Inside, we take a look at some of the most popular subject areas for international students - including the makeup of the course, potential career pathways, and how students can make their applications stand out.

And we've even added extra guidance to help students make their decisions in light of COVID-19 and its effects on the worlds of work and education. Plus, find up-to-date information and resources on international careers. 


What you'll learn

Course content

An overview of the 6 most popular degree pathways – including content, length and assessment

Career options

The skills each course helps students to develop and the career pathways they can lead to

Where to apply

A comparison of the pathways and opportunities available in different international destinations

What's inside

  • Chapter 1: Business & Related Disciplines
  • Chapter 2: Medicine
  • Chapter 3: Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Chapter 4: Law
  • Chapter 5: Science & Engineering
  • Chapter 6: Creative & Arts


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