The New Counsellor's Survival Guide: Updated for 2023

Create the Ultimate University & Careers Guidance Strategy that Empowers Students and Delivers Demonstrable Results


Get ready to see your school’s and students’ outcomes soar!


Just embarked on a new role as a careers counsellor?

Agreed to help your students out with their applications?

Hoping to redesign your school’s university guidance programme?

Whether you’re stepping into a new career or an old hand looking for a refresher, our New Counsellor’s Survival Guide is the back-to-basics guide that’s anything but basic.


Learn how to:


  • Place your school in a global context and learn to tailor your strategy to your unique school profile
  • Delight students, parents and key stakeholders by learning which data to track in 2023 (& how to do it)
  • Plan a smart and simple counselling curriculum for each year group (feat. a sample timeline so you don’t need to start from scratch)

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Design and deliver the optimal guidance strategy for your students.