7 Lesson Plans to Help Students Research & Apply to Medical Degrees

Supporting students' applications to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary science is an increasingly challenging and complex task.

We’re here to help, with seven lesson plans that structure your strategy as you guide students through the whole process. You'll be seeing future doctors, vets and dentists bloom before your eyes!


Why you need these lesson plans

Students applying to medicine, dentistry and veterinary sciences are probably some of the ones who need lots of your time and support.

For a start, you need to help them develop and demonstrate the unique blend of skills needed to thrive in these careers. Personable and patient, analytical and ambitious, these applicants need to have it all!

On top of that, you'll be supporting them as they navigate all the additional assessments and early deadlines that these applications entail - including the often dreaded interview.

And with the numbers of applicants to these degrees soaring, you have to find ways to ensure they stand out from the crowd!


What your students will learn

Assessing and expressing their motivations

One of the key criteria admissions officers look for is a strong personal motivation for pursuing these challenging courses. We help students tap into theirs.

Identifying and developing key skills

Students will uncover the qualities needed to secure a place and succeed in their chosen career, and then make solid plans to develop them in themselves.

Exploring degrees and careers

These degrees can vary between countries and universities, and lead to a surprising number of careers. We help students explore options and identify their best matches. 

What's inside

  • Lesson 1: Assessing motivation
  • Lesson 2: Assessing suitability
  • Lesson 3: The realities of studying medical subjects
  • Lesson 4: Career pathways
  • Lesson 5: Their best-fit degrees
  • Lesson 6: Laying the groundwork for successful applications
  • Lesson 7: Creating an application scaffold


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