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How to Help Your Students Start Their Career Planning With BridgeU Assessments

18 Aug 2019

In 2019, we’ve been working on a number of exciting new innovations to set students on their journey to finding the right career path.  As part of this, we’re introducing...

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Product Update: Introducing BridgeU's Integration With Common App

2 Aug 2019

BridgeU’s mission to open up university and careers guidance to more international students has seen us forge partnerships with other online platforms and application portals, further simplifying the university application...

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BridgeU Turns 5: A Look Back At The Journey So Far

29 Jul 2019

In the spring of this year, BridgeU celebrated its fifth birthday.  In the past five years, we are proud to have grown our base of customers to secondary schools in...

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BridgeUniversity Hong Kong: 5 Things We Learned From Our First User Conference

24 Jul 2019

In May of this year, BridgeU hosted our first BridgeUniversity Conference in Hong Kong.  It was an opportunity for our global community of counselors to share professional development strategies and...

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Studying in the Netherlands: The Different Types of Dutch University Explained

18 Jul 2019

Studying in the Netherlands is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students.  Along with some of its other European neighbours, the Netherlands offers a rich variety of university and...

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How to Write the Coalition Application Essay 2019-20

12 Jul 2019

When it comes to applying to university in the United States, it’s important to note that the Common App isn’t the only game in town. The Coalition Application is a...

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Writing a Personal Statement for UCAS: The 10 Big Mistakes Students Should Avoid

4 Jul 2019

Writing a Personal Statement for UCAS is, in many ways, like asking a student to tell the story of their life in 4,000 characters or less.  And if that sounds...

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Introducing BridgeU Connect: Bringing University Reps and High School Counselors Together

1 Jul 2019

Since our inception in 2014, BridgeU has worked with schools in over 100 countries to help students find their best-fit university options and career pathways in an increasingly globalised higher...

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How to Start Researching Universities: The 15 Definitive Questions Students Need to Answer

12 Jun 2019

In many of our previous articles, we’ve stressed the importance of university research as a first step in the application process. But sometimes telling students to ‘do their research’ can...

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Early Decision & Early Action: Why Early College Applications Aren't Always a Good Idea

5 Jun 2019

When it comes to getting important or pressing tasks done, earlier is always better, right? After all, most of us love that satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve tackled a...

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