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US university application: how your students should approach their Supplemental Essays

30 Nov 2018

If you have students who are applying to US university destinations, then they will most likely be well underway with their Common App and Coalition essays. Whilst these general essays...

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The Ultimate Guide to Studying at University In the UK

23 Nov 2018

Oxford. Cambridge. UCL. Durham. Edinburgh. These are just some of the prestigious names that might spring to mind when contemplating a degree at a UK university. A recent BridgeU survey...

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US university application: the essential guide to writing a college letter of recommendation

8 Nov 2018

For your students hoping to study at a US university, much will depend on factors such as their grade point average, SAT/ACT scores and the strength of any admissions essays...

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Why are girls outperforming boys in their university applications?

8 Nov 2018

In our second blog post looking at some of the most interesting insights from our 2018 IB Student Survey, we’re shifting our focus to look in more depth at IB...

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Busting the myths: how to prepare your students for their Oxbridge interviews

26 Oct 2018

If you have students who are hoping to attend the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge (collectively known as Oxbridge), then they will have already submitted their UCAS applications. For those...

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Product Update: how your students can match with German university destinations

23 Oct 2018

We’re pleased to announce that BridgeU now allows your students to explore recommendations of German university destinations in the latest update to our University Matching tool. Specifically, this update allows...

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Product Update: applying to IBCP-friendly schools through the BridgeU matcher

18 Oct 2018

BridgeU’s university matcher already enables students to apply to a wide range of global university destinations and tailors its recommendations to applicants’ relevant subject/personal interests. We’re pleased to announce that...

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Who are the most globally mobile IB students?

17 Oct 2018

As part of our recent survey of International Baccalaureate students graduating in 2018, we’ve sought to understand some of the major patterns and trends in IB students’ applications to universities...

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Your Customer Success Team

16 Oct 2018

If you’ve recently become a BridgeU customer, you’ll be spending a lot of time with our Customer Success team. They will be supporting you through every step of your BridgeU...

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US university application: How to write a Common App essay

16 Oct 2018

If you have students who are looking to study at a university in the US, then there is a high probability they will submit some of their applications through the...

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