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The State of US Applications 2023 

Hand-picked resources to help US institutions uncover current international application trends and drive enrollments for 2024 and beyond.

Redefining Global Talent Pipelines

Download our latest US applications report to get exclusive insights from international school students applying to US Colleges from over 140 countries

Discover the growing international markets which could become crucial to your enrollment strategy in the next 5 years, and learn how your university can effectively overcome the increasing competition from other desired study destinations – including the UK and Canada.

Elevating International Enrollment to Enhance Your University’s Strategic Plan

Watch our latest webinar, where the BridgeU team explore how senior leadership teams at US higher ed institutions can and should place international student enrollment at the heart of a long-term, diversified admissions portfolio.

What you’ll learn:

  • The latest analysis from BridgeU on where international students’ interest in the USA is growing…and why US higher ed institutions are still overwhelmingly popular with 2024 applicants. 
  • Expert advice on how to make the case for international enrollment as another application & budget cycle begins.
  • How investing in international schools can help you to meet your access and inclusion goals – whether it’s growing student diversity or specific subject/faculty diversity.

A Guide to BridgeU

Our brand new corporate brochure is designed to give an overview of the ways we’re supporting US universities like yours to connect with our network of over 100,000 international students – and how we help these students in their application journey.

  • Get a full overview of the typical BridgeU student journey and how our exclusive Matching feature encourages students to shortlist and apply to your university.
  • Explore the ways you can get involved with BridgeU including enhanced profiles on our platform, sponsored content, events and more.

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