Case Study 12th July 2023

Casablanca American School

At a glance

“I don’t know how I would get through application season without BridgeU.”

Rana Haroun, College Counsellor, Casablanca American School

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Getting younger students involved using BridgeU

When Rana joined, Casablanca American School was already using BridgeU for their guidance curriculum, so she inherited it. She was able to combine BridgeU with her current curriculum to improve it for the upcoming school years through activities and lesson plans.

One of Rana’s goals when planning her new guidance curriculum was to help introduce her students to university preparation earlier. Using the BridgeU curriculum, she was able to implement a programme that was adapted for each grade level.

She used the BridgeU lesson plans to create activities for the younger students so they could research courses and institutions that might be a good fit for them. Rana explains that this helps students feel ready when it comes to applying to university as it gives them an opportunity to explore different institutions and courses early on. 

The Assessments and Careers resources, in particular, are used as stepping stones to discuss IB choice options in grade 10 and help students make informed choices that are consistent with their strengths and interests.

Helping students begin their university research

Rana loves that the students can use BridgeU to research schools they might not have considered before using the Profile Builder.

In addition, Rana uses BridgeU’s Careers feature with her younger students when they are first starting their university research, claiming it’s really helpful and easy to create lesson plans around. The Careers Tool is great for allowing her students to note the specific requirements for jobs they find interesting and look up related degrees. 

Plus, by using the information given to them in their Careers report, her students can identify any skill gaps, and she can help them plan their studies accordingly. When exploring these programmes on BridgeU, her students have everything they need to begin career planning and research prospective universities.

“BridgeU’s Curriculum Plan provides great resources to help students be ready to apply to university.”

Rana Haroun, College Counsellor, Casablanca American School

A successful application season with BridgeU

Rana is also a big fan of BridgeU’s Document Sending feature, stating that it’s been very helpful in streamlining the application process. With the majority of her students applying to universities in the United States and Europe, BridgeU’s integrations with Common App and Parchment speed up the process of submitting multiple application documents. It’s been beneficial for her to have everything she needs in one easy-to-track place, which she mentions has saved her time during the previous application seasons. 

In addition, she uses Analytics features to track trends among students and cater her lessons to what they’re interested in. BridgeU’s Analytics help her efficiently deliver her end-of-year reports to higher-ups and parents so they can stay informed on how students are performing.

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