We know that every school is unique and that the needs of your staff, your students and your curriculum are very different. BridgeU has a range of flexible pricing options which can be tailored to your school. 


How we price

We don’t have fixed costs for using BridgeU. Instead we offer flexible pricing to accommodate the size and budget of your school. 

We calculate the cost of BridgeU based on the number of students in the final two years of your school. For example:

  • Lower Sixth/Year 12 & Upper Sixth/Year 13 [UK curriculum]
  • Both years of IBDP [IB curriculum]
  • Grade 11/Grade 12 [US curriculum] 

Because we price on a school by school basis, we encourage you to book a call with our Business Development team to learn more about how we can tailor BridgeU to fit your school’s budget and needs. 

Use BridgeU for free for 3 months

To see first-hand how BridgeU can work in your school, you can trial the platform for free for 3 month. You'll get full use of all of our features to help your students through their university research and application journey.

What we offer

Schools can opt for one of three pricing plans when they purchase BridgeU.  Again, there is no fixed cost in any of our pricing plans, and we will tailor our pricing to meet your school’s needs.


Everything you need to build your guidance curriculum, with full access to our suite of university application features. 

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Expand BridgeU to include students in lower years, with tools to help students explore their career pathways

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 Customise BridgeU with additional, premium features & resources. Create a truly whole school guidance curriculum.  

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What's Included


Our Basic payment plan gives your staff and your students access to the full range of university preparation & application features. In addition you'll receive full implementation, onboarding & ongoing customer support. 


We’ll help you implement BridgeU and onboard your staff and students in less than two weeks. 

University Matching

Students can use our University Matcher to explore their personalised university recommendations

University Connect

Notify university admission reps of your availability and schedule visits from international universities

Assessments Tracking

Assign tests & online assessments to students in the BridgeU platform & track their progress.

Insights & Analytics

Track students’ university admissions outcomes & measure the impact of your school’s guidance curriculum.

Application Preparation

Our Strategy Adviser and Writing Builder help students to plan & prepare their university applications. 


Includes all of the features & services offered in our Basic plan. In addition you'll be able to take advantage of the following features:   

Document Sending

Manage & send vital supporting documents during application season using our CommonApp & Parchment integrations.

Middle Years Rollout

Our Standard plan gives you the option to roll out BridgeU to the middle year students in your school.

Careers Exploration

Students can use our Careers Tool to research and explore job families and career paths in preparation for university application. 


Access to the all of the features & services included in our Basic & Standard plans. In addition, your school will receive access to:

Keys to Succeed

Personality tests to help students understand more about their personal strengths, preferred learning style & career preferences. 

Custom Benchmarks

Customise your benchmarks in Insights & compare your school’s performance against any metric/KPI of your choice. 

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